Medicinal Cannabis

Tens of thousands of Australians have accessed medicinal cannabis as a treatment option and there is a growing body of evidence supporting medical cannabis for the management of symptoms that have not responded to conventional therapies.
Dr Anu Chauhan has treated a large number or patients with medicinal cannabis for a variety of conditions including chronic pain. anxiety and insomnia. Dr Chauhan is qualified and certified to assess patients to see if they are eligible to receive medicinal cannabis treatment in collaboration with their existing GP or Specialist. Full support and monitoring is provided to improve a patients overal quality of life. 

Please note that medicinal cannabis may be just one treatment out of a variety of treatment options available to patients and generally to be eligible for medicinal cannabis, a patient must have previously trialled and failed to respond to/be unsuitable for other conventional treatments. All treatment options will be discussed with a patient during their consultation and medicinal cannabis may not be suitable for some patients based on their medical or medication history. 

Please note also that private fees apply for all appointments with Dr Chauhan that relate to medicinal cannabis. 

If you would like your GP or Specialist to refer you to Dr Chauhan, please get them to complete the referral form below. 

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